A dial by name directory is a phone directory populated with extensions from your Jive system. This type of directory allows internal users and inbound callers to reach their party without knowing their extension. Internal users can dial *11 to access the default directory and inbound callers can be routed to any directory through a dial plan (Directory node). They are then prompted to spell the desired party’s first or last name with their keypad. The system will then spell out the matching contacts (e.g. “Mike” would be pronounced “M-I-K-E”).  However, directory names can be recorded by each individual user for their own extension or for the whole directory by users that have prompt recording permissions.

Dial By Name Directory Settings

To access the settings for a dial by name directory, click Dial By Name Directories in the left sidebar and then select the directory you would like to configure.


General Tab



Name by which the dial by name directory is identified.


Indicates if the dial by name directory is the default directory accessed when internal users dial *11 from their Jive phone.

Directory Behavior

Include all extensions (exclude listed extensions)

If selected, the dial by name directory is populated with all system extensions excluding the extensions displayed (blacklist).

Include only extensions listed

If selected, the dial by name directory is only populated with extensions displayed (whitelist).

Exclude/Include Extensions

Displays which extensions are excluded/included in the dial by name directory. Click on the extension name to go to the configuration settings for the extension.


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