Most phones have one or more buttons that you can customize to perform specific functions. Each phone, including their attached sidecars, can be personalized to meet the needs of each user. With a few clicks, you can setup features like line assignments, speed dial contacts, and presence monitoring all from the admin portal.

Note: The amount of buttons and button types available are dependent on the user’s phone model; see the phone’s user manual to learn more.

Before you begin, verify a hardware profile has been assigned to the device to ensure all compatible button types are available.

1. Click Devices in the left sidebar.

2. Click the phone that requires changes to its buttons.

3. From the Button Configuration tab, select the desired button type and then choose the destination.

4. Edit the button label (optional).

Note: The button label overrides the line name

5. Click [SAVE].

Note: You must power cycle the device to apply any changes made to its settings.

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