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The Dashboard is home base for Jive Administration and provides quick access to common tabs as well as a brief billing summary. This is always a great place to start.

Meet the Dashboard

To access the Dashboard, click Dashboard in the left sidebar.


Your Domain

Unique domain used for sending virtual faxes, provisioning phones, and network authentication.

Quick Links

Provides easy access to the most commonly visited sections of Jive Adminstration: Users, Devices, Phone Numbers, Lines, Dial Plans, and Hardware.

Billing Summary

Details all the billable phone numbers and devices (handsets) on the system.

Contact Directory

Downloads a directory of all the phone numbers and extensions on your system. Manage and assign sites to organize the contact information by location, office, department, etc.

Manage Sites

Provides easy access to Sites where you can organize your contact directory by location, office, department, etc.

Unavailable Lines

Displays the number of devices that are unregistered on the system. Click the link to view a detailed list.


Displays Jive’s support information.

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