If your organization has a directory service like Microsoft Active Directory or OpenLDAP, you can load these directories to all your phones by creating a new corporate directory. If your organization has multiple directories, you can add each of them, designate one as the system default, and then override that default on individual devices as needed. By using corporate directories, you only have to make updates in a single location and your changes will mirror on all your phones automatically. Those responsible for implementing a corporate directory should be familiar with LDAP and work closely with their directory system admin during setup.

Supported Devices

At this time, corporate directories are only supported on Cisco MPP, Cisco SPA, Polycom, Snom, VTech, and Yealink devices. All other devices need to be set up manually per the manufacturer’s specifications.

1. Click Corporate Directories in the left sidebar.


3. Enter a Name, Host (optional), and Port for the corporate directory.

4. Click the checkmark icon.


5. Click the new corporate directory to edit its settings.

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