Want a “mission control” for your conference calls? Visual Conferencing allows a meeting host to visualize all participants on a conference bridge; making it easier to manage the call. You can see who’s on the call, who’s talking, lock the room, and even invite, mute, or remove participants. Hosts can access the visual dashboard directly from the admin portal or by using the custom URL for the conference bridge.

Note: A participant and a host pin are required to use Visual Conferencing.

Visual Conferencing Controls

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 are not currently supported.


Invite New Participant

Dials new participants in to the conference bridge. Internal extensions and external phone numbers are supported. Participants that are invited do not need to enter the conference pin.

Note: Participant invites cannot be made to international numbers. For example, if the default region is set to Brazil, and the conference bridge is set to Mexico, you would only be able to invite participants within Mexico.

Conference Bridge Name

Displays the name of the conference bridge.

Total Participants

Displays the total number of participants (including hosts) that are currently on the conference bridge.

Mute All

Mutes/Unmutes all participants’ microphones.

Lock Room

Prevents any new participants from joining the conference bridge.

Exit Room

Closes the Visual Conferencing interface.

Note: This does not end the conference call.

End Call

Ends the conference call and hangs up on all participants.

Participant Access

Displays the extension/phone number and participant pin used to access the conference bridge.


Displays all participants on the conference bridge.

Speaking Participants

Indicates who is currently speaking.

Mute Participant

Mutes/Unmutes a single participant’s microphone.

Remove Participant

Removes a single participant from the conference bridge.

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