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Jive’s admin portal provides numerous ways to customize your phone system and help your organization communicate more efficiently. As part of our onboarding process, the tasks outlined below are usually completed or demonstrated during a setup call.

Create Users and Extensions

Individuals who will interact with the system are added as users. In most cases, the user’s associated line, device, and voicemail box will be setup at the same time. See Create a New User for more information.

Assign Devices

Once a user’s line and device has been setup, the appropriate MAC address (a 12 digit string that is unique to each VoIP phone) is added. See Assign Hardware to a Device for more information.

Note: The MAC address may also be added when creating a new user or device with the combo wizard (see Create a New User or Create a New Device).

Create a Dial Plan

A dial plan defines how incoming calls are routed (call flow). Dial plans can include auto-attendants, ring groups, schedules (time-of-day routing), and much more. See Create a New Dial Plan for more information.

Direct a Telephone Number

Once the above steps have been completed, the telephone numbers assigned to the account must be directed to the appropriate extension (valid extensions include lines, ring groups, conference bridges, call queues, dial plans, and shared voicemail boxes). See Direct a Phone Number for more information.

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