So… you’re an admin. With this title, you’ve been granted the ability to access the admin portal and customize your system. It’s important to remember that whatever you do will have an immediate impact on your phone system. Right now you’re probably looking at the portal and wondering what to do now and where to go first. Getting around is pretty simple and we’ve made sure everything is clearly labeled—but, for extra guidance and a list of common buttons, check out the information below.

Basic Navigation

PBX Switcher

Switches between phone systems (only for users with a single JiveID used in multiple PBXs). The name of the PBX you are currently configuring displays at the top.

Left Sidebar

Navigates through different settings on your system. Notice that the current tab is highlighted in blue.

Current View

Displays the settings you are currently viewing/configuring.


Click menu to view portal options.

User Home: Goes to the end user portal.

Reports: Goes to call reports.

Contact Center: Goes to contact center (if enabled on your system).

Billing: Goes to online billing & payments.

Language: Changes the language of the portal (does not change the language for system messages, e.g. voicemail menu [IVR].

Language Support

  • English (US)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • French – Français (Canada)
  • French – Français (France)
  • German – Deutsch (Deutschland)
  • Portuguese – Português (Brasil)
  • Spanish – Español (España)
  • Spanish – Español (México)

Feedback: Sends feedback (bugs and feature requests) to Jive.

Logout: Logs out of the portal.

Search Current View

Searches the displayed information (click X at the far right to clear your search terms).

Tip: Search results can be bookmarked and accessed from your browser history.

Column Sorting

Click column headings to sort ascending or descending.

Item Rows

Click on an item row (user, user group, device, etc.) to edit/view its settings.


  • Right-click the underlined text in the left column for options to open its settings in a new window or tab. This feature does not work on lists where only in-line editing is allowed (call filters, dial plans, etc.).
  • Hover over “+#” for more details.
  • While viewing a list item, use the navigation in the upper-right to toggle between list items or to go back to the list view.



In-Line Editing

Buttons used to delete an item from the system or initiate in-line editing.

Infinite Scrolling

Scroll through all users, devices, lines, extensions, etc. without having to click on separate pages.

Common Buttons

Creates an independent user, device, line, extension, etc.

Cancels the current configuration and discards all changes.

Accepts any configuration changes.

Saves settings to a group, user, feature, or configuration.

User: Creates a user, line, and device at the same time and links the resources together (most common).

Device: Creates a new line, hardware, and device and links them to an existing user.

Enables (blue) or disables (white) a setting.

Deletes an item from the system.

Initiates in-line editing.

Accepts in-line configurations and saves all changes.

Cancels in-line configurations and discards all changes.

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