3 Reasons Your Business Should’ve Started Using Hosted VoIP Yesterday.

Hosted VoIP Yesterday
by Cliff Painter     Thursday, April 13th, 2017.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has changed how businesses communicate. Here’s a list of the top three reasons why your business should have switched over to a Hosted VoIP service yesterday.

1. Improved Features for Businesses

29If your business phone system is reliant on an in-house phone system, then you’re going to be limited to a few features that are constrained by your hardware. This is because it’s old technology. If you want more features, then you’ll have to buy expensive equipment or pay additional fees to get them. You shouldn’t have to do this because a Hosted VoIP solution will allow you to access all of the features you’ll need without buying expensive hardware.

VoIP providers offer a variety of services for a fraction of the price. These features include:

  • Customized Dial Plans
  • Admin and User Portals
  • Call Monitoring
  • Unlimited Auto-Attendants
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Conference Calling
  • Line Failover
  • Call Analytics
  • And more than 50 other Hosted VoIP features

All of these services come standard with Hosted VoIP technology. Your phones are capable of doing all of these things, it just depends on what your service provider can do.

2. Powerful, Mobile Technology On-The-Go

There are many factors that can limit traditional phone lines: severe weather, location, travel, and expensive equipment. With a Hosted VoIP system, you’ll no longer have those limitations. Providers of these services have created smartphone apps, platforms for work computers, and many other services that will allow your business to run seamlessly wherever you are.

  • Avoid giving out your personal number
  • Continue to use extension dialing
  • Access  business phone’s voicemail
  • Avoid using personal minutes on your cell

Hosted VoIP helps provide large and small businesses alike with all of the tools they will need to improve their communications for customer service, sales, and tech support teams. It will also help companies create better relationships with remote workers via conference bridges and video calls. The power of this technology is a game changer for telecommunication in businesses.

3. A Hosted VoIP Service Is Extremely Cost Effective

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or an entrepreneur just getting started, saving money and increasing your bottom line is always on the front of your mind. By using a Hosted VoIP system, you will eliminate a lot of costs that are associated with ongoing maintenance and updates to your business phone system.

With a Hosted VoIP system, you’re also able to avoid the initial installation costs that can exist with an in-house VoIP system. So rather than worrying about the hardware and initial setup costs, you can spend your time and energy on providing the best services and goods to your customers. Learn more about how Jive can work for you. Check out the 10 Things You Need to Know about Jive Hosted VoIP now!