5 Reasons Why Jive Voice is the Phone System for Law Firms

Phone Systems for Law Firms
by Cliff Painter     Monday, May 8th, 2017.

Creating a high level of professionalism is the goal for every law firm. However, having a lackluster phone system hinders your ability to deliver the best services to your clients. It is imperative that every touch point with your clients and prospective clients leaves them feeling secure with their decision to work with you and your firm. Jive Voice is the best phone system for law firms for many reasons. Here are five reasons why Jive Voice should be each lawyer’s first choice for a business phone system.

Maintain a Professional Look and Quality

Jive Voice, our Hosted VoIP solution, provides top-quality voice calls for law firms. We understand that communicating over the phone with clients is an important part of your business. Features like auto attendants add the perfect touch for easy caller navigation while adding a Big Law feel to any legal firm. (Auto attendants are voice greetings which direct inbound calls to the department or individual they are trying to reach.)

Along with the professional features of Jive Voice, enjoy crystal-clear call quality and reliability. Jive guarantees a 99.99% uptime and will keep you connected when it’s most important. This will allow you to maintain the utmost professionalism with your clients.

Customizable with Jive’s 80+ Features

Not only does Jive Voice give you the highest quality audio, but it has all of the features you’ll need to run your firm smoothly and professionally.

With Jive Voice, you will be able to:

  • Customize inbound call paths with Jive’s Dial Plan Editor
  • Access unlimited auto attendants, voicemail boxes, and extensions
  • Track call time and length for billing purposes
  • Record phone conversations with clients
  • Set call routing for office hours, after hours, holidays, weekends, etc.
  • Use call forwarding, voicemail to email, and other features.

These features listed aren’t the only possibilities when you switch over to a Hosted VoIP system with Jive. Video conferencing, conference calls, and web conferencing are all great features that will help you to collaborate with colleagues without having to be in the same building or even same city.

No matter which type of law you practice, Jive Voice has the features you need to improve the communication you have with clients. Maintaining those personal relationships are paramount to the success of your practice and is why we have done everything in our power to give you the best tools to keep those important relationships intact.

Easy to Manage

For many lawyers, the extent of your IT team consists of you and an office manager or receptionist. That is why Jive offers a simple installation and on-boarding process. With our pre-provisioned phones, your office phone system will be ready to make and receive calls in a matter of minutes. Additionally, our web-based admin portal makes it easy to customize your inbound call path in a matter of seconds. End users can change their own call forwarding and voicemail preferences through their own online portal. This takes stress off of system administrators and gives your practice more flexibility in how inbound calls are answered.

Take Your Business with You in the Field

Jive Voice has several features that will allow you to take your business phone with you wherever you are. With the Jive Mobile App and the Find Me/Follow Me feature, you will have access to your business phone and calls anywhere you go.

The Jive Mobile App allows you to access the functionality of your business phone wherever you have an internet connection. Now your clients can contact you wherever your business takes you, without ever having to give out your personal phone number.

It allows you to:

  • Use SMS/Chat with others using your business phone number
  • Enable location-specific “call or no call zones”
  • Use extension dialing from your phone
  • Access your firm’s directory from the app
  • Track call history
  • Conference call from your cell phone

As you can see, the mobile app is a great tool for lawyers who have to do a lot of work out of the office. Don’t be constrained to your desk anymore. Get Jive and do your work wherever you need.

The Find Me/Follow Me feature is a more robust form of call forwarding. Have calls sent to your cell phone, home phone, or any other phone number that you might need. You can specify multiple numbers to ring consecutively or in succession after a specified period of time on each number or extension.  This means you will no longer have to worry about leaving your desk and missing important calls from your clients.

Highest-Rated for Customer Support

Not only do we provide an easy-to-use phone system, but we are also the highest-rated provider for customer support. So if you do have any questions about your system, our dedicated technical and customer support staff will assist you. Our thorough on-boarding process will help you to get your phone system up and running quickly. We also have a large database of training resources including manuals, release notes, and supported devices documentation. We offer all of this to make your transition smooth to Jive Voice.

Jive Voice Is the Phone System for Law Firms

With so many possibilities, it makes sense to say that Jive Voice is the best business phone system for the legal industry. Being able to customize your phone systems is a valuable asset when running a law firm. That’s why Jive does its best to bring you the most useful capabilities to improve your practice. Learn more about Jive Voice for legal today.