How to Leverage Your Technology to Improve Parent-Teacher Relationships

Leverage Your Technology to Improve Parent-Teacher Relationships
by Cliff Painter     Wednesday, June 7th, 2017.

It’s no secret that students do better in school when both their parents and teachers are involved in their learning. Developing the parent-teacher relationship should be at the top of every administrator’s mind, but what’s the best way to do it? Tools like email, mass SMS messages, mobile apps, and even social media have become more commonplace in the classroom. Yet, there are still very few solutions that make it easy to have safe, ongoing communication between educators and parents—while also allowing IT to centrally support and manage the application. Fortunately, Jive has focused on solving problems for schools and has worked on this issue to help districts leverage their technology to improve the parent-teacher relationships in their schools.

A Phone System to Bridge the Gap

With life’s pace quickening more and more, teachers need the tools that will enable them to communicate with parents in real-time while still being accommodating to parents’ busy schedules. Before Jive and Hosted VoIP, using your phone system to conference, text, and call parents wasn’t really an option. Legacy systems are limited by location and antiquated hardware—making it impossible to keep up in a fast-paced world. Luckily for you, Jive has created a system that will help teachers develop better relationships with their students’ parents without causing them extra work (because we all know they don’t need anymore on their plates).

Calling and Texting on Your Terms

As a teacher, do you wish you could call and text parents to parents without giving out your personal number? Or worried about parents who have your number pestering you at midnight? Well, there’s a solution for that. Our Jive Mobile app allows for teachers to text and call from their classroom number on their personal cell phones without giving out their personal number.

Wait, I know what you’re thinking, “The last thing I want is for parents to be calling or texting me at home late at night.” Don’t worry, with Jive’s phone system, you can set limits on when and where people can reach on your cell phone.

Parent-Teacher Conferences On-the-Go

Parents may have a hard time making it to parent-teacher conferences when trying to balance work, home life, etc. but there’s an easier way now with Jive. Teachers can now establish conference calls for parents to dial in and speak with the teacher about their child’s education. Or, if you prefer a face to face talk, there are video conferencing capabilities that teachers can use to collaborate with parents face to face in real-time. This way parents who may not have the time to travel to the school for the conference can easily dial in with their phones to participate remotely.

A New Form of Classroom Collaboration

Obviously, this is a better way for K12 districts to leverage their technology to improve the parent-teacher relationships at their schools. Teachers can now have the communications tools they need to give their students the best chance at succeeding in school. With a Jive Hosted VoIP phone system in your school, you’ll achieve more for your students by empowering educators and parents to better communicate about students’ needs. Learn about how a Jive business phone system can improve your school and learn how to leverage your technology to improve student achievement.