Jive Voice Unlimited Features Your Business Should Be Using

Jive Voice Unlimited Features
by Cliff Painter     Wednesday, April 26th, 2017.

While you were growing up, did anyone ever tell you, you could be anything you wanted to be? Do anything you wanted to do? At Jive, we believe your business can become whatever you want it to be.  Your phone system shouldn’t limit its growth and progress. Other Hosted VoIP companies typically nickel-and-dime you for every feature you use with your business phone system, but that’s not the case with Jive Voice—Jive’s Hosted VoIP phone service.

Here are three Jive Voice unlimited features you get for one simple, flat monthly payment:

Unlimited Auto Attendants

Directing calls to the correct place can be a huge benefit for companies of any size. Nobody, employees included, enjoys playing the transfer game, bouncing callers from one department to the next without accomplishing anything. This is where having an auto attendant comes in handy. But when you need to route callers, sometimes one auto attendant won’t get the job done. Having the capability to create a dial plan with multiple auto attendants to direct callers to the right destination can improve your customers’ experiences, as well as your communication efficiency.

Unlimited Voicemail Boxes

Having more voicemail boxes available than the usual one per employee can come in handy in more ways than one. Setting up specific mailboxes for departments and call queues can streamline your responses to individuals and enable your company to respond to these important calls more efficiently than before.

Now, having unlimited voicemail boxes can be great, but you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to manage these since you can barely manage your own. No worries. Jive makes it easy to manage your voicemail box, the department’s box, and queue boxes through our online portal. You can also set up your voicemail so it forwards all of your voicemail messages to your email inbox so you can conveniently listen to them there. And once they’re safely in your inbox, you can set your voicemail box to delete the message for you.

Unlimited Extensions

For a business that has call queues, department ring groups, or cross-departmental employees, this can be extremely helpful. Jive doesn’t charge you for every extension you create for your dial plan, we just have you pay a flat rate per device. That means you could have extensions for your desk phone, department, and specific call queues without having to pay for each of those extensions that may lead to the same set of phones. This can be helpful in managing calls, knowing who is calling, and specifically what they are calling for. Siloing calls like this can save you time.

More Jive Voice Unlimited Features

There are many ways to use Jive’s unlimited features, and the three we mentioned aren’t the only ones. A Jive Voice subscription includes all features for a flat-rate price. This means you can customize your dial plan to be as detailed or as simple as you want.

Interested in learning about other features you’re missing out on? Visit our Jive Voice page for more details on what you get with a Jive Voice subscription.