How to Improve Communication at Your Veterinary Clinic Affordably

Improve Communications at Your Veterinary Clinic
by Cliff Painter     Monday, May 22nd, 2017.

There are many things that press budgets at veterinary clinics. Staffing, student/practice debt, and loss of clientele are all areas that seem to place a financial burden on most veterinarians—which can be distracting from your one goal of making pets and animals feel better. Loss of clientele, more often than not, occurs due to poor customer service and communication between the staff and pet owners. Your phone system could be a part of the problem—when it should be part of the solution. Traditional phone systems are not easy to manage, difficult to maintain, and expensive. However, a Hosted VoIP phone system will solve these problems while saving you money.

What is Hosted VoIP?

If you haven’t heard of Hosted VoIP before, it is basically a business phone system that uses the Internet to make and receive phone calls. And you can do it without the clunky expensive equipment of a traditional phone system (for a more in-depth explanation you can read our article The Connection between Telecom and the Cloud). Why should this be important to you? Well, there are a few reasons.

#1. Hosted VoIP will provide you with enterprise-grade communication capabilities.

A Hosted VoIP business phone system will give you access to many features that would traditionally be restricted to larger companies. You can have access to unlimited auto attendants—which will help direct your inbound calls to the department or individual each client needs to speak with—unlimited extensions, unlimited local and domestic long distance calling, and unlimited voicemail boxes.

#2. Hosted VoIP provides you more features for a more affordable price.

What do we mean by this? Simply put, we provide you with more capabilities like unlimited conference bridges, call forwarding to your mobile device, and a mobile app that lets you take your business phone on-the-go, all for a more affordable price. No more expensive hardware with a short lifespan. No more maintenance and licensing fees. With Hosted VoIP, you get the latest technology without breaking the bank—which will help your clinic save money and get you back to helping your animal patients.

#3. Hosted VoIP is easier to use than a traditional phone system.

With pre-provisioned phones and an intuitive dial plan editor, you can easily get started on your new system. Just plug in your phones to your internet connection and easily set up your inbound calls using an easy, drag-and-drop interface online. It’s as easy as that—giving you more time to spend with sparky and company.

Improve Communication at Your Veterinary Clinic with More Features

It’s not what you can do for your phone system, but what your phone system can do for you. We understand that you don’t have a lot of time to spend installing and maintaining a complex phone system, which at the end of the day, just lets you make and receive phone calls—because after all, your patients are what’s important in the end. By switching over to a Hosted VoIP phone system, not only will you eliminate the need to install and maintain pesky hardware, but you’ll have access to important features your clinic will need to maintain professional, open communication with your clients.

Stay in touch with features like:

  • Find Me/Follow Me when you’re on a house call
  • Voicemail inboxes for different departments or individuals
  • Jive Mobile app if you travel a lot for patient check-ups
  • Auto attendants to help direct callers to the right department
  • Custom greetings and messages to inform callers or improve their experience
  • Caller ID to help employees greet clients personally


Hosted VoIP systems provide many additional features than these. Your ability to direct inbound calls and communicate with clients effectively, while never missing another important call again, improves with a Hosted business phone system.

Jive Voice Will Improve Your Clinic’s Communication

Jive is the preferred provider of Hosted VoIP phone systems for small businesses because of its inclusive features and pricing. We are rated highest (95%) in recommended service for Hosted VoIP providers. This is because we know what your pain points are and we’ve addressed them. Jive is also the highest rated Hosted VoIP provider for customer support—so you know we’ll be there every step of the way to get your phone system up and running and you saving money. Learn more about Jive Voice today and see how it will help your practice save money and spend more time making a difference in your clients’ lives.