4 Jive Features to Help Your Dental Practice Customize Patient Experience

Dental Practice customize patient experience
by Cliff Painter     Wednesday, May 24th, 2017.

The personal touches make the biggest difference when it comes to helping your dental practice customize patient experience. That is why Jive offers all-inclusive features to personalize each patient’s experience. Each interaction with your practice should leave them feeling confident in their choice of having their dental work done with you. Here are four customizable Jive Voice features that your practice needs to improve patient experience:

#1. Customizable Hold Music

Nobody likes to be on hold, but your practice can make it more enjoyable by creating and uploading your own customizable sound bites for patients to hear. This will help entertain callers while you handle other patients’ needs. Not only will time pass by more quickly as they listen to these, but their experience with your dental practice will improve.

#2. Customizable Messages

Throughout any time in your inbound call path, you can create a custom message for all callers to hear or only those trying to reach a specific department like billing or customer management. You can record these messages to say anything you like—such as fun dental facts or important news about the practice—and then uploaded and placed within your inbound call plan. Keep your patients updated on any policy changes or important announcements that might affect them.

#3. Customizable Greetings

Everyone likes to be greeted warmly and feel welcome. Creating a customizable greeting is a great opportunity for your practice to break the ice with patients and help them feel like they’re part of your family. In addition, you can create greetings specific to holidays and weekends that will play during those times.

#4. Customizable Calling Schedules

Different times of the day, week, month, and year have different needs and may need a different inbound call path for people trying to reach your practice. Whether it be after hours, weekends, or holidays, being able to change the path inbound calls take is a great tool to help customize patient experience. You can have different messages, options, and greetings depending on the calling schedule you establish for your practice.

Jive Customizes Easily for Your Practice’s Needs

From greetings to call schedules, Jive Voice is easily customizable to meet every need that your dental practice has in a phone system. You can easily insert all of our customizable features into your inbound call path via our simple-to-use Dial Plan Editor. Learn more about how Jive Voice can improve your dental practice and read 4 Challenges Dentists Face and How a Dental Office Phone System Helps.

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