How Call Analytics Will Help Your Auto Dealership Succeed

How Call Analytics will help your auto dealership
by Cliff Painter     Monday, June 5th, 2017.

Is your dealership missing out on key phone ups because your phone system is too old? Or maybe your sales team doesn’t follow up with those leads and you have no way of tracking follow up? That’s the problem with traditional phone systems. They are limited in what they can do and oftentimes they are only good for making and receiving calls. This shouldn’t be the case. Your phone system should be a tool for your sales team and help you improve the performance of your Sales, Business Development Center (BDC), and Internet Departments. It should improve your ROI, not hurt it.

How Call Analytics Will Help Your Auto Dealership

As discussed in our article, The Best Phone System for Auto Dealerships, a Hosted VoIP business phone system is the obvious choice for auto dealerships because of its robust features. One of the features that’s a game changer for dealerships is the call analytics. They will help you to improve performance, increase team transparency and competition, and convert more phone ups.

#1. How to facilitate increased accountability and improved performance.

Having call recording and CRM integrations are great tools to follow up with your sales team members about the phone ups they were assigned. We understand that a lot of the time these leads are not adequately followed up with by the individuals on your BDC and Internet teams.  Increase accountability and convert on more of those phone ups with calls via recordings, see the call duration, and even monitor their calls, will allow you to.

#2. Call Analytics will boost friendly competition and team transparency.

Generating call reports will provide more accurate information on where your team is compared to its goals. You can also use call analytics to create friendly competition between your sales reps individually, or divide them into teams and set up a competition between each team. You can even use real-time call metrics on a wallboard to let team members know their current standing compared to their daily call quotas. In the end, this is only possible because of your Hosted VoIP phone system. These numbers will help you to boost team production and increase team transparency.

#3. Convert better on your phone ups.

As previously mentioned, your BDC and Internet teams usually underperform when it come to phone ups. With call analytics, you can monitor when your team members reach out to each phone up, the duration of each call, and how often they follow up. Your managers can help coach team members so they are able to close more deals, thus improving your bottom line.

Hosted VoIP Has a High ROI

These features are just a few of many that you’ll get with your Hosted VoIP phone system. Your dealership will be able to perform at a higher level—which will increase the revenue you’ll see. This means that you’ll be looking at a high return both in employee production/efficiency and increased revenue because of the increase in your phone up conversion rate. Learn more about the benefits of Hosted VoIP and how it can save you money by reading our article, The True Cost of a Business Phone System.