How to Bootstrap Your Business with Jive

Learn how to bootstrap your business with Jive
by Cliff Painter     Monday, April 10th, 2017.

Bootstrapping a business is one of the hardest ways to start out, yet it provides owners with the most control over the direction their company takes. We know the importance of bootstrapping at Jive because we did exactly that. And now we want to share with you some tips that will make your life easier as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Complete Control of Your Phone System

Just like Bootstrapping gives you complete control over your company, Jive Voice gives you complete control over your phone system. With over 80 features, this means you can have a completely customizable experience. Many companies make you pay a la carte for features, but with us, you’ll get all of the features you’ll need for the same price.

That means:

  • Unlimited auto attendants, voicemail boxes, and conference bridges
  • Zero restrictions on creating call paths
  • Limitless call forwarding options
  • Custom automated call scheduling for off hours and holidays
  • As many Jive Voice features as you want

So what are you waiting for? Take control of your phone system just like you’re taking control of your business. Jive has the easiest, most intuitive dial plan editor in the industry. It allows admins to drag and drop call options onto a digital canvas. That means really the only limits you’ll experience is the limit of your own imagination.

High Quality Voice to Bootstrap Your Business

We mentioned this above, but it’s worth mentioning again. Jive Voice provides the best quality VoIP service on the market. With our Hosted VoIP solution, you won’t have to worry about poor quality calls, nor large periods of downtime—Jive has 99.99 percent uptime. You’ll have higher quality calls for a more affordable price, which is exactly what you need to bootstrap your business. You can’t get better than that if you’re trying to grow a business.

In addition, Jive will grow with your business more easily than traditional business phone systems. With our plug-and-play phones, extensive on-boarding training, and highest-rated support, you can add seats and train quickly and easily. Jive provides you with a simple way to grow your phone system at the same pace your company grows.

Look Bigger Than You Really Are

When you’re a small business with only a handful of employees, you need a solution that will allow you to appear much larger than you are, but without breaking the bank. Jive Voice, our Hosted VoIP phone system, can offer you that appearance over the phone. The catch with us is that you ARE getting a phone service that large enterprises use at a price you can afford.

It might sound too good to be true, but just check out how to use some of the features you’ll have with a Jive Voice subscription:

So what does this mean for you? A couple of things really:

  1. Potential clients or customers will have no clue about how big your company is. Some people can be hesitant to do business with brand new companies, but with Jive Voice, you won’t have this problem.
  2. You get enterprise-grade phone service without its price tag. Hosted VoIP is a better option for young businesses. Jive levels the playing field between small businesses and corporate giants.

When bootstrapping your business, increasing your accessibility to potential customers is key. You never know when the next phone call could become the highest paying client for your business. Jive provides you with the features that you’ll need as an entrepreneur, yet free up some of your tight budget for other aspects of the business. You’ll have the best quality VoIP service wherever you go, whenever you call.

Your Phone System Should Be a Tool, Not a Burden

At Jive, we firmly believe that if your phone system isn’t a tool in your business toolbox then there’s something wrong. An all-inclusive business phone system should be one of the most important and pivotal tools that you use in your business. If you aren’t sure about how you can be better using your phones, check out this article on How to Use Your Phone as an Effective Sales Tool for a few ideas on what you can do to better use your phones.