Acoustic Fencing: Drown Out Unnecessary Noise with Your IP Phone

IP phone using acoustic fencing
by Cliff Painter     Monday, April 24th, 2017.

If you haven’t heard about the Acoustic Fencing feature Polycom’s VVX models offer, you should check it out. These phones use VoIP technology to allow users to communicate with each other. Acoustic Fencing helps businesses of all kinds communicate more clearly with customers and co-workers using VoIP technology. By using this feature, businesses can drown out ambient noises allowing only their voices to be heard by callers. Let’s take a look at how this technology can improve your business.

Working from Home

Do you work from home often? Have you ever had an important call interrupted by your dog barking, kids yelling, or a TV in the background? Well, worry no more! Acoustic Fencing filters out all that noise and only transmits your voice over an IP phone. No more screaming kids, no more yapping dogs—just your voice.

With the workforce becoming increasingly remote, this feature is hugely important. Clear, crisp communication helps increase productivity and decrease misunderstandings. Managing a mobile workforce will be a challenge for businesses in the future, but Acoustic Fencing can be instrumental in improving team communication, regardless of where team members are in the world.

The Pizzeria Phenomenon

Have you ever called a pizza place to order some pizza and all of the sudden it sounds like you’re in a giant cave and can only hear half of what the other person is saying? And it’s only with pizza shops. Well, if your local pizzeria had acoustic fencing using an IP phone, you wouldn’t have this problem. Polycom created this feature specifically to help businesses sound more professional and avoid losing important customers because of poor experiences over the phone.

This is obviously an important thing for restaurants and other businesses that have a lot of commotion and people talking. Acoustic Fencing drowns out that noise and makes it so customers on the phone only hear your voice.

Medical Offices

Most receptionists at dental and doctor’s offices help multiple patients at once. On top of that, you could have conversations going on in the waiting room or the office area creating additional background noise. Acoustic Fencing can help drown out all of that sound, maximizing the effectiveness of each phone call. No longer will you have to worry about callers hearing the hubbub in the waiting room or office area—and you’ll be able to help them get what they need.

Acoustic Fencing is a versatile tool available through Polycom’s IP phones. It is helpful for any service-providing office—from dentists to hospitals, you will know that clients can hear you clearly and will have a better experience with your office. This will help you to retain patients and improve their experience.

Polycom IP Phones and Acoustic Fencing with Jive

Jive is a proud partner of Polycom phones along with many other IP phone manufacturers. Acoustic Fencing is just one of the awesome features that come with a Hosted VoIP business phone system. Whether you’re working at home, in the restaurant business, or as a professional service provider, you’ll definitely benefit from acoustic fencing and a Hosted VoIP phone system. Check out some of the Polycom VVX Models: 201, 301, 401, and 601, you can use with your Jive Voice service.