Jive for Small Business

Jive’s Hosted VoIP phone system provides enterprise-grade features for an affordable price. With our phone system, you can leverage your phones to increase business productivity and efficiency.

Jive Voice vs. PBX

So what are the hard costs for an on-premises phone system when compared with the cloud? Based on a hypothetical company with 200 people and four distinct locations, Figure 2 demonstrates the estimated costs for a traditional PBX as well as the Jive Voice cloud-based system…

On-premise True Cost

With on-premises systems, the upfront costs alone can be daunting. First you’ll need on-premises analog PBX hardware, which is used to manage your call flow and extensions…

Safety Suite for K12

Jive enables districts to upgrade school safety without an expensive overhaul. We seamlessly integrate your phone and paging systems so you can coordinate a school-wide emergency response…

The Jive Body

Jive’s Hosted VoIP Business phone system is a lot like a body. Just like there are a lot of different parts that are key to make your body function, develop, and thrive, the same goes for a business phone system.

Trade Show Preparation Timeline: Ready to Get Your Trade Show Exhibit on the Road?

Here at Jive, we’ve done our fair share of trade shows. They’re a fantastic way to make connections and generate new leads, but we also realize that trade shows can also be intimidating. Whether you’re new to trade shows or a seasoned veteran, here is a timeline to help start and/or refine your preparation. By following this timeline, you will put your best exhibit forward at the next professional trade show.

What is SD-WAN?

Workplace Communication: Do I Email, Chat, Video, or Phone this information?

There are so many ways to communicate at work that it’s overwhelming. Every day, you may find yourself asking the same question: should I email, instant message, video, or phone this information? It’s a mundane question, but it’s important. Because if you don’t choose the right mode of communication, you’ll be ignored, misunderstood, put on the back burner, or dismissed with a vague, insufficient response. Print this infographic and put it right next to your desk to help you answer the daily question: should I email, chat, video, or phone this information?