10 Years of Jive

We recently celebrated 10 years of Jive. Here are some stats and facts of our time together.

2017 Communications Trends

Build a Successful Customer Support Team

At Jive, we understand the importance of listening to the customer and resolving customer needs in a timely manner. In fact, a recent Forbes article, “Disrupt Your Industry with Stellar Customer Service,” recently illustrated how Jive’s “rock star” customer support has disrupted the telecommunication industry. Specifically, we’ve found that a “rock star” customer support directly leads to gaining and retaining customers.

Game of Phones: A Buyer’s Guide to Hosted VoIP Office Phones

Is your business shopping for a Hosted VoIP phone? Because we know about office phones, we have some recommendations. So we’re highlighting Jive’s most popular VoIP handsets. So here is a buyer’s guide to find the right office phone for your business. You may notice that our buyer’s guide is a bit fantastical and medieval compared to other buyer’s guides for office phones. As certified nerds, we’re eagerly awaiting the final episode of Game of Thrones, season 7. Game of Thrones and Game of Phones? We just couldn’t help ourselves.

How Americans Really Use Phones

20% of Americans deliberately ignore their mom’s calls. Want more interesting phone facts? Jive partnered with OnePoll to provide insights into ignoring calls, moving away from landline technology, and the growing predominance of cloud-based communication in the workplace. This infographic was featured alongside an article, “Here’s Exactly How Many of Us Avoid Answering the Phone,” featured in the New York Post.

Is VoIP Right for You?

Hosted VoIP uses your Internet connection to digitally place and receive calls. What does this mean for you?

Jive for Auto Dealerships

Jive Cloud Voice provides enterprise-grade features for an affordable price. With Jive, leverage your phones to increase business productivity and efficiency.

Jive for Dental

Your phone system is the nerve center of your practice, your lifeline to your patients. With Jive, you can quickly and easily customize your system to suit your practice’s needs. Grow unimpeded by technical problems and hardware costs, and serve up a sense of availability and enterprise-grade professionalism to your patients.

Jive for Insurance

Jive’s cloud-based network, apps, and voice features support the mobile and flexible lifestyle of insurance agents as they simultaneously generate new leads and support existing clients.

Jive for Legal

Jive delivers simple yet powerful phone systems to law practices. Provide superior client service and ensure your office always has the latest technology and features with Jive.