15 Steps to Score That “Yes”: How to Pitch a Business idea to Your Boss

At some point in your career, you’ll hit on a terrific idea. The challenge is to convince your boss to say “Yes,” and then go on and champion it. But chances are you’re not the only person pitching ideas to your boss. That’s why we assembled these 15 steps, to help your ideas really shine and win you that “Yes!”

5 Common Hosted VoIP Myths Debunked

Organizations are always looking to leverage better technology to reach their goals, and many have latched onto Hosted VoIP as a means to do so. Hosted VoIP offers flexibility and mobility well suited to today’s rapidly evolving work environment. However, certain potential pitfalls—like poor quality or security concerns—have prevented some from adopting this growing technology.

5 Worst-Case Scenarios

If you’re investigating a Hosted VoIP solution, here are 5 common worst-case questions a Hosted VoIP provider should be able to address.

Bible of Business Communications

It’s never been easier to reach out to a co-worker or to collaborate long-distance. So why are internal communications eating up millions in lost productivity? Reclaim that lost productivity and revitalize your professional communications skills with the Bible of Business Communications.

Communication Tips to Effectively Manage Remote Workers

According to Gallup, remote work is on the rise. Surely the needs of employees working from home differ from the employees at the office every day, so are you ready to meet the communication needs of this growing remote workforce? Here’s what we’ve found: answers for managers on the hows, whats, and whens of effective communication with their remote workers.

Exploring Cloud

A cloud phone system gives you access to enterprise-grade tools without tying you down with bulky, expensive hardware you have to manage and maintain.

Get Ready For Your Close Up: 10 Video Conferencing Tips

In the past, video conferencing and video phones were only seen in sci-fi movies. These days, for 85 percent of employees, video conferencing is part of their everyday routine. They take for granted that competitive companies will oer their employees some kind of video communications.

Hiring for SMBs: The Perfect Hire in 11 Steps

The average-cost-per-hire is 42 days and $4129.00. Is it time and money well spent? Ensure that the months and thousands of dollars spent on hiring a new employee are worth it. Here are eleven steps to maximize your time, digital resources, and money in the hiring process.

Holiday Checklist: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Jive Phone System How to Use Jive to Spread Holiday Cheer

With Jive, it’s easy to brighten your callers’ day with holiday-specific phone routing and messages. Check out our top five tips for prepping your phone system for the holidays and how to tailor your Jive portal to handle your Yuletide challenges.

How Good Are Hosted VoIP Providers at Customer Service?

Before you pay for a service vital toconnecting you and your customers, like Hosted VoIP, you have a right to know what to expect—the standard to which you can hold your provider. But in this day and age of complex sales processes, these important standards can get lost in the mire of technical details, scheduling, and other considerations.