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Wi-Fi Smartphones Helping VoIP Grow

by Matt Peterson     Thursday, February 7th, 2013.

As the number of Smartphone users worldwide grows substantially every year, more and more people are paying nearly $100 for their individual cell phone plans. This includes companies that have employees out in the field that need to stay in contact with prospective customers and clients.

Fortunately, as the trend in wireless hotspots grows, so too does the Voice over Internet Protocol market. This market is especially important for businesses that have employees making regular international telephone calls from their cell phones. As all company Controller’s know, these telecommunication expenses can rapidly influx and become out of control.

Using a Wi-Fi hotspot to off-load calls through a VoIP network is an excellent alternative. It means that employees will not miss telephone calls and the company’s overall cell phone and landline expenses will further decrease. Like the sound of money clinking in the jar, instead of it noisily flying from it? Then read on.

Mobile VoIP services work with Smartphone’s 3G, Internet service or GSM to send digital calls over the Internet. This is exactly how companies use VoIP services when replacing their traditional landline telephones. The benefits include VoIP’s ability to transmit messages faster, as well as the ability to text over VoIP services. Most VoIP mobile services allow for inexpensive and/or free telephone calls using IP technology.

Traditionally, mobile VoIP will help companies that have traveling employees save money on telephone calls. In house VoIP phone systems are excellent solutions for employees that remain at a company’s headquarters, utilizing the current Internet connection to its full advantage – incorporating voice services that allow a company to utilize a number of important business-related features. This may include videoconference, three-way calling, voicemail, call forwarding, auto attendants, readable voicemail, etc.

With more and more companies embracing business VoIP technology, it’s important for other companies to stay on the hip, mainstream bandwagon, which focuses on landlines markedly decreasing and Internet telephone usage rapidly rising.

As technology evolves so does the vast telecommunications industry. No longer can businesses afford to stay in stone-age technology, but they must be able to reach consumers through a variety of mediums, which requires embracing modern business VoIP technology capabilities.

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