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by Claire Pennock     Monday, June 27th, 2016.

If you’re anything like me, “tech expert” isn’t your primary hat. You just want your phone to work well. But the VoIP industry is growing at an exponential rate, and according to Frost & Sullivan, that growth is expected to triple by 2020. So you may soon find yourself selecting a VoIP service for your company, facing terms like “SIP trunk” and “jitter” that can sound like word salad.

Enter the Jive VoIP Glossary. This is Jive’s latest tool to help beginners and tech enthusiasts alike understand the concepts and trends in VoIP. We’ve compiled almost 200 feature and function definitions from throughout the telecom industry to make your comparison shopping easier. And unlike a lot of the other tools out there, we’ve made it easy to search.

Take this term, for instance: call hunting. If you asked me out of context what the term meant, I’d probably assume it was Bourne-level tech espionage. But in VoIP, it’s a feature that allows calls to supercede the busy signals on a group of phones, ensuring that someone on your team has to answer the caller in question. In other words, it lets certain customers hunt you down. (You can decide for yourself if that’s a good thing.)

Or, for a more technical example, packet switching. This is a communications method that breaks up your voice message into data “packets,” which are routed through different paths to the same network destination and then reassembled. It’s also how VoIP is even able to operate in the first place: by treating voice signals as data over the network.

You get the point – Jive’s VoIP Glossary will help you prepare for the upcoming VoIP revolution. Now you can brush up on your telecommunications trivia, evaluate different providers, or just learn something new.

Check out the VoIP Glossary here.

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