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VoIP for Entrepreneurs

by Matt Peterson     Friday, April 12th, 2013.

Many of today’s small business entrepreneurs are not beginning their careers with loaded bank accounts. In business, every penny counts, which is why many small businesses are utilizing VoIP hosted systems for their business needs. Not only does this help companies stay on top of the latest technology trends, but also Jive, innovative leaders in the VoIP business industry, helps companies maintain the latest technology at discount, bargain prices.

There are a number of ways business VoIP will help a small business run smoother, including:

  • Productivity – Employees can work from anywhere, provided they have a Wi-Fi connection. This means that important faxes and phone calls are simply routed to a mobile device or business phone system. Voicemails and faxes can be saved and instantly sent to email inboxes. This allows small business employees to constantly stay on the move instead of in a fixed position waiting for revenue-building accounts.
  • Redirecting Calls – Calls can easily be redirected to voicemail, helping employees avoid lengthy telephone conversations when under pressure from important deadlines. However, these types of advanced systems can also take critically important telephone calls and immediately transfer them, which is vital if an employee is waiting for a call that is related to a deadline. These types of features are also excellent if employees are away from the office or on vacation, announcing a variety of features for consumers to choose from, including being rerouted, leaving a voicemail, etc.
  • Professional – In order for small businesses to succeed, they must appear professional. Jive allows customizable greetings, access to local and toll free telephone numbers, hold music and even custom commercials.
  • Company Growth – One of the best features about incorporating VoIP phone systems is that the phone system can easily grow as a small business does, allowing for easy expansion of telephone lines when a company reaches a certain level. No longer do companies have to stress about selecting a system right out of the gate, as Jive allows systems to be easily configured in the future. And with no contract and only month-to-month fees, what does a company have to lose?
  • Excellent Service – In order for a small business to thrive, they must provide excellent customer service and a high level of employee productivity. Business VoIP systems allow employees to work anywhere, anytime. Conferencing features are easy, helping ensure that team departments are all on the same page.
  • Cost Savings – Ultimately, the cost savings of incorporating a hosted VoIP system into a small business environment is substantial. Requiring no expensive upfront purchases, such as advanced software or expensive hardware, the capital expenses are virtually nothing! Using the latest VoIP technology on the market, Jive ensures that small businesses are up-to-date with the latest phone systems, helping them succeed (while saving money) in the daunting business world.

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