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From AACC/ACUTA: Students and Staff Not only Deserve the Best Tech, They Expect it.

by Casmin Wisner     Thursday, April 16th, 2015.

Technology has grown from a luxury to a necessity in just a few short years. Classrooms have evolved from the chalkboard to the overhead projector to video content, PowerPoint presentations, eBooks, and much more.

It is common to walk into a university library and see students studying with nothing but a laptop—the books on the shelves acting as nothing but wall art.

Many argue that technology is killing communication, but universities and colleges know differently. They understand that technology is actually improving and enhancing communications. In fact, students and teachers alike expect collaboration outside the classroom to occur effortlessly, with no-brainer mobility options and real-time access, all made available through technology.

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Jive Communications is the answer to all your 2015 needs. Your students and staff deserve scalable, reliable solutions, with collaboration any where and at any time—all at a simple, low cost. To learn more about our Higher Ed capabilities and projects, visit our Higher Ed page, read the “Millennials’ Wish List for Higher Ed,” or visit us in booth 513 at ACUTA, and booth 627 at AACC.


ACUTA, the Association for Information Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education, is an international non-profit educational association serving colleges and universities. ACUTA represents over 1900 individuals at more than 600 institutions of higher education. Their members range from small schools and community colleges to the 50 largest U.S. institutions, and represent diverse Carnegie classifications in all 50 states, Canada and New Zealand. The ACUTA Annual Conference will take place in Atlanta, Georgia from April 19-22.

About AACC

The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) is the primary advocacy organization for the nation’s community colleges. The association represents nearly 1,200 two-year, associate degree–granting institutions and more than 13 million students. AACC promotes community colleges through five strategic action areas: recognition and advocacy for community colleges; student access, learning, and success; community college leadership development; economic and workforce development; and global and intercultural education. The AACC Annual Convention will take place in San Antonio, Texas from April 18-21.

Stop by either booth to try our mobility app for free, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @getjive and add us on Facebook!


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