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Pimp My Pi

by Jonathan Timothy     Monday, July 6th, 2015.

Jive kicks off its next hardware hackathon in one week. We’re calling it: “Pimp My Pi.”

Jive soldiers in the Army of Awesome will risk life and limb to build the pimpin’-est Raspberry Pi-based project ever conceived by a human being, all in hopes of achieving everlasting glory.

Each team of developers will be given access to a Raspberry Pi and three months to complete their projects. Participating teams have the opportunity to create just about any type of product or project they want. The only requirements are that each project must make use of at least one Raspberry Pi, and projects must not cause harm to others.

If the entries seen in Jive’s last hackathon (Arduinopalooza 2015) are any indicator of what’s to come, there’s no telling what novel creations we may develop. Imagine Skynet, only without the nuclear apocalypse and army of terminators.

As a Developer of Awesome at JIve, I am excited for the hackathon, and fortunate to be part of a company that fosters a culture of innovation and discovery. Hackathons like “Pimp My Pi” help create the type of atmosphere and culture where software developers really thrive. We’re fortunate to have that kind of culture here at Jive.

Developers at Jive are empowered to innovate, create, and make decisions that can (and often do) depart from the status quo. Jive Devs aren’t penalized for mistakes. Instead, we’re rewarded for success when we go outside the realm of the ordinary in order to explore new approaches and technologies.

We are frequently encouraged to push the boundary of what is possible. Events like “Pimp My Pi” sharpen developers’ innovation and problem-solving skills. These skills atrophy when they aren’t exercised regularly, so we’re lucky to have a leadership team that supports these types of activities.

While all this is fun and exciting for Jive Developers, we aren’t the only ones who benefit from these exercises. Jive’s customers also reap the rewards. When developers are allowed to explore and create software outside of our daily assignments, we have an opportunity to learn new technologies and solve different problems.

Spending this time allows us to perceive and approach solutions in new, creative ways that may not have occurred to us before. The insights and knowledge we gain directly impacts our customers, especially when we weave these newfound discoveries into the development of our new products and features.

Regardless of what we produce during our hackathon, either silly or serious, everyone wins by participating.

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