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Jive Scores Another Stevie, Takes the Gold for New Cloud Product of the Year

by Ryan Alleman     Thursday, May 10th, 2018.

After its acquisition by LogMeIn, Jive Communications made waves again by winning the Gold Stevie® for New Product of the Year. The Stevie Awards® recognized the superior redundancy, call failover, disaster recovery, and features of Jive’s flagship product Jive Cloud.

costs of commuting

The Costs of Commuting (And 8 Ways to Take Your Time Back)

by Ryan Alleman     Monday, May 7th, 2018.

If you have a job, you’re probably well versed in the costs of commuting—your time, for one. But time spent commuting isn’t the only price you’re paying. In this post, we examine the other costs of commuting and how you can take back your commute time.

Asking the right Questions about QoS

Asking the Right Questions about QoS

by Hillary Gamblin     Friday, May 4th, 2018.

Are you you asking the right questions about QoS? While a Hosted VoIP provider may have the right tools and resources for implementing QoS, they’ll likely put the QoS responsibility (and costs) on you. You deserve better. To find a more proactive QoS Hosted VoIP provider, here are the right questions to ask.

2018 Communication Technology for SMBs

2018 Communication Technology for SMBs

by Jive Guest Author     Thursday, May 3rd, 2018.

Conferencing, collaboration, connection, and mobility. These are more than just buzzwords. In response to the evolving needs of today’s businesses, the development of business technology has been impressive. This year we can expect conferencing, collaboration, connection, and mobility to take on new meaning as small to medium businesses adopt and leverage new communication technology.

Is Artificial Intelligence the Remedy for Call Center Attrition

5 Problems Plaguing Modern Call Center Managers

by Ryan Alleman     Monday, April 30th, 2018.

The call center is one of the toughest environments in customer service, and perhaps the most pivotal when it comes to the customer experience. In this post, we discuss the five leading problems call center managers will want to address, along with some possible solutions.

Paging all Auto Dealers Tips for Selecting a Hosted VoIP Provider

Paging all Auto Dealers: Tips for Selecting a Hosted VoIP Provider

by Hillary Gamblin     Friday, April 27th, 2018.

We get it: you need a functioning overhead paging system to break through the noise and space of your dealership. If paging is part of your dealership culture and communication strategy, you must evaluate overhead paging integrations, costs, and features when selecting a Hosted VoIP provider.

5 Ways Hosted VoIP Can Increase Workplace Productivity

5 Ways Hosted VoIP Increases Workplace Productivity

by Jive Guest Author     Thursday, April 26th, 2018.

Businesses making the switch to Hosted VoIP are seeing a significant spike in team productivity. Learn five ways that Hosted VoIP can improve the productivity in your office.

Making Receptionist and Customer Lives Better with Technology

Making Receptionist’s Lives Better with Technology

by Hillary Gamblin     Friday, April 20th, 2018.

Do your secretaries, assistants, receptionists, have the technology they need? Consider Hosted VoIP’s feature-rich and affordable technology. Many of these Hosted VoIP features can vastly improve the productivity and work lives of your receptionists, secretaries, and assistants.

Hosted VoIP Levels the Playing Field for SMBs

4 Ways Hosted VoIP Levels the Playing Field for SMBs

by Jive Guest Author     Thursday, April 19th, 2018.

Hosted VoIP solutions are designed to boost communication capabilities and increase operational efficiencies. Learn how Hosted VoIP can help to level the playing field between small businesses and blue-chip corporations.

Top 5 Questions About Hosted VoIP Answered

by Jive Guest Author     Thursday, April 12th, 2018.

What’s the difference between VoIP and Hosted VoIP? Good question. A lot of companies are switching to VoIP, but there are still a lot of questions out there about this technology. Get answers for your hosted VoIP questions today.

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