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Must-Haves: Advanced Technology for Today’s Small Business Owner

by Matt Peterson     Saturday, December 15th, 2012.

Small business owners often struggle, wearing a number of different hats and fulfilling a variety of roles within their ever budding, developing businesses. Fortunately, today’s advanced technology offers productivity boosters, which prove as valuable time savers for these multi-tasking professionals.

  • Tablets – This convenient mini-computer system allows small business owners to carry around a device that provides Internet access, email, calendar management, to do lists, notes, calculators, contacts, driving directions and photos. Much easier to carry than a traditional laptop, tablets help increase efficiency. Tablets are traditionally less expensive than a laptop and can help boost business flow. For example:
    • Restaurants are using tablets to allow customers to order, even using this as an advanced Point of Sale (POS) system.
    • Graphic Designs have the ability to always carry around their portfolios.
    • Real Estate Agents can easily search for homes, email and even give client presentations away from the office.
    • Hair Stylists are using tablets as a form of POS system, including offering online appointments.
  • Applications – There are a number of mobile application devices for tablets and Smartphones. For example, business owners can share calendars with employees, easily share and link documents and even contribute to idea building.
  • Find Me – This feature is invaluable for businesses of all sizes. Jive strives to provide VoIP businesses with Find-Me Follow-Me features that allow customers to reach employees within seconds, no matter their locations.
  • Online Backup – Cloud based management is rapidly becoming necessary for time management. Not only does this technology sync Smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, it saves employees valuable time by providing necessary information at their fingertips, instead of embarking on a marathon file hunting expedition.

While each business owner should evaluate his/her needs and requirements, it is important to stay up-to-date with technology in our rapidly evolving world. Jive works with small business phone systems to provide hosted PBX solutions that not only save employees’ valuable time, but also help reduce overall operating and phone maintenance expenses.

Additionally, Jive offers advanced features including intercom, call recording, online PBX controls, Visual Dial Plan Editor, call forwarding, call transfers, ring groups, dial-by-name directories, LDAP integration, online fax, virtual extensions, remote access, desktop integration, call routing, custom schedules, message on hold, music on hold, speed dial, unified messaging, caller ID, call reports, voicemail, call queues, call logs and auto attendants.

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