The Marketeers & Passport to Provo City

by Jonathan Timothy     Wednesday, October 15th, 2014.


A few weeks ago, some of the Jive marketing team (affectionately known as Marketeers) participated in Provo City’s attempt to break a world record. They had a blast, and lo and behold the record was broken! Provo now reigns as having hosted the largest scavenger hunt ever. Congrats to Provo!



The Utah Valley area is a growing, exciting place to be. There’s always something novel to get caught up in–concerts, hiking, camping, theatre, museums, and unique days like Passport to Provo. Some highlights of the day for our marketeers included free soda at Sodalicious, lip-synching on the stage of a local music hot spot, and receiving some rad Ryan Innes t-shirts upon completion of the hunt.


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