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Managed VoIP Business Services

by Matt Peterson     Saturday, April 20th, 2013.

Managed VoIP services are critical to many organizations, allowing the headache of onsite equipment and software to be unloaded onto the shoulders of a professional VoIP hosted business, such as Jive.

Third party providers are an excellent option for corporate clients using business VoIP services. Instead of having in-house professionals deal with telephony issues, hiring professionals to do the job saves valuable time and money. In fact, since professional VoIP companies install these systems on a regular basis, the process is relatively smooth, efficient and leaves employees with few complaints.

An IP telephony system is not simple, and in fact is time consuming to manage for large corporations, government institutions and enterprises. However, Jive offers hosted PBX systems that are managed, meaning that all technical related resources and work is provided by Jive.

When using cloud PBX based VoIP systems, all equipment, NOCs, software and VoIP switch support is delivered by Jive. The costs of these services are extremely reasonable and still save companies thousands of dollars over traditional telephone systems. Additionally, with Jive’s easy billing statements, it’s simple for accounting departments to keep track of all operation expenses, without having to be actively involved in the upkeep and management of the system.

As VoIP business services have expanded and become more sophisticated over the years, complaints have decreased and now this modern-age telephony system is the norm for most companies. Additionally, there are very specific parameters for measuring managed partitioning services. VoIP providers must have the following qualifications:

  • Advanced skill sets that deploy and manage business VoIP systems in real, work-related environments.
  • A proven track record for offering and delivering the best voice quality.
  • A high level of expertise for effectively monitoring an advanced system in a variety of different situations.

While managed and hosted VoIP services are extremely flexible, their main goal is to help businesses increase their output and further expand their business and/or sales areas. These systems are especially effective when companies do not have any maintenance costs or overhead operational expenses. Having a managed system also means that an onsite professional is not required, meaning that a company can use their IT professionals in other capacities, especially those related to computers, Smartphones and tablets.

Jive employs top-rated experts in the hosted VoIP field, including unsurpassed customer service, affordable rates and excellent call quality.

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