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What we look for in a Developer

by Luis Maza     Monday, June 2nd, 2014.

They’re called “developers of Awesome”. More than 40 strong, they are the backs upon which Jive’s dominance and growth have been built. Our developers are the best of the best, and we take care of them.

    If you’re looking for a place where your work has an impact, you found it. You’ll write code that will be tested and go into production the same week, and it happens often.

    If you’re looking for excitement, get excited. Developers usually pair program together, in 2 week sprints, and get to work on all kinds of different stuff. Gone are the days of mindlessly attending to the same narrow code set—at Jive, you get a piece of all the action.

    If you’re frustrated when your pivotal work keeps the company afloat and there’s not so much as a mention of it till something goes wrong, its time for a change. At Jive, the most recent development wins are showcased every week to vigorous applause. We’re a company full of well-knowing and enthusiastic fans.

    If you enjoy getting into something so big you’re not sure you can handle it, if you like diving in with passion to tackle the big stuff so you can make order of chaotic, disruptive innovation at the speed of the cutting edge, would you hurry up? There’s a spot here with your name on it.

    If you need to work on a ship that you’re sure is being steered in the right direction, one where you know you can make big contributions and things’ll be around long enough for it to matter, climb aboard. This ship is leaving the harbor and is poised to outpace the rest.

    If this all sounds a little fairytale, and you’re worried about the realities of ‘what it’s really like here’, come hold us to our word—we need people like you, grounded in both passion and reality. We already have the best product offering in our sphere, and we’re poised to build even more amazing things on our platform to be the next big name in SaaS and VoIP. We’re building extremely exciting stuff, and there’s hardly enough time.

What We Want

Besides having unbounded energy and enthusiasm, we hope you have these skills:

    Java and or JavaScript
    Eclipse/Maven/Jenkins build environment
    RESTful APIs

Experience with any of the following is a plus:

    Debian Linux
    PBX Platforms
    SIP and RTP
    Audio/Video compression/streaming
    iOS and Android mobile programming

But more than those skills, we want people who are excited self-starters, who are willing to put in whatever it takes, to bootstrap themselves into any or all of those technologies so they can begin contributing as quickly as possible and enjoy the satisfaction and rewards of being a Jive rock star. We want smart workers, who know how to balance their lives and make a fantastic contribution.

What You Get

The big opportunity is to be in on the ground floor of the next big thing in SaaS and VoIP. But it happens to also come with a high-tech work environment, motivated coworkers, a compensation package with medical, dental, life, an HSA, 401k match, a gym program, catered lunches, lunch & learns, and lots of soda. Your friends will be jealous.

To apply, please send a resume to

Jive is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome and encourage diversity in the workplace.

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