Hosted Call Recording

by Matt Peterson     Thursday, February 2nd, 2012.

Jive recently announced hosted call recording as a feature for Jive Voice, Jive’s Hosted VoIP service. This enterprise-level feature is currently available in your Jive PBX Administrator portal. Call recording is a critical application in many environments and serves a vast array of business needs.

There’s no charge for the call recording feature by itself. However, cloud storage for the audio files is delivered through a third party, Amazon Web Services (AWS), that charges minimally for storage space. AWS pricing tiers are available here (and here’s a link to AWS’s monthly bill calculator). These third-party charges can simply be added to your monthly Jive invoice so you don’t have to deal with multiple bills.

Jive Hosted Call Recording is disabled by default and must be activated for calls to be recorded. You can turn on call recording for your entire account, a ring group or queue, or an individual extension. To turn on call recording, simply navigate to System Settings, or the Recording tab on a queue, ring group, or extension.

You also need to set up your cloud storage, which involves setting up an AWS storage account. Jive makes it easy to add your AWS token directly to your Jive PBX. Navigate to the Storage tab in the System Setting section to add this information.

Jive clients in the legal, healthcare, real estate, insurance, and public sector can all benefit by adopting call recording into their business practices. Please contact your Jive Sales Representative for more information on Jive Hosted Call Recording.

Note: Call Recording laws vary by location. See Jive’s Call Recording Privacy Policies and Notices before activating call recording.

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