Facts about Cloud PBX

by Matt Peterson     Friday, July 13th, 2012.

Lately, you’ve probably heard the word “Cloud” used all over the place. Cloud technology is actually not all that new. When you send a document attachment with your email, then that document is technically “in the cloud”. That simply means that if your computer were to crash and you lost everything on your hard drive, whatever documents were sent or received in emails would be safe and secure.

Many services now offer you the ability to store all your important documents at their online facility where they are safe. Even if your laptop falls off a building, you can still go anywhere and log into your online account to gain access to documents stored there.

What does all that have to do with Cloud PBX? Managing your phone services online is now possible which streamlines your ability to add, delete or modify features in your business phone service. You can also get up-to-date downloads of any new services offered by your phone company.

Many businesses are now turning to cloud-based PBX and VOIP simply because they offer more features and are cheaper to use. Making changes to your business communication system is a snap with Jive PBX and VOIP. This is the latest technology for any size business and is quite easy to use and affordable whether you have a small, medium or large company.

Most government organizations now use Cloud PBX. It is truly the most modern telephone solution for our ever-changing world. Jive also offers a number of other business phone services that are efficient and economical. With the global economy still sluggish, every organization needs to cut corners where it can.

Low cost business communication solutions from Jive give you many more options and features than traditional landlines. Conventional phone systems are a thing of the past. They don’t grow with the company. They’re cumbersome and expensive and difficult to upgrade. Each time your company grows larger, so does your monthly phone bill.

Jive gives you Enterprise grade hosted communication systems that easily adapt to large or small business needs. You also receive U.S. based customer and technical support.

Why not take advantage of the latest communications technology with hosted VoIP, Cloud PBX and other great cloud-based services from Jive.

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