• Leverage Your Technology to Improve Parent-Teacher Relationships

    How to Leverage Your Technology to Improve Parent-Teacher Relationships

    It’s no secret that students do better in school when both their parents and teachers are involved in their learning. Developing the parent-teacher relationship should be at the top of every administrator’s mind, but what’s the best way to do it? Tools like email, mass SMS messages, mobile apps, and even social media have become […]

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  • How Call Analytics will help your auto dealership

    How Call Analytics Will Help Your Auto Dealership Succeed

    Is your dealership missing out on key phone ups because your phone system is too old? Or maybe your sales team doesn’t follow up with those leads and you have no way of tracking follow up? That’s the problem with traditional phone systems. They are limited in what they can do and oftentimes they are […]

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  • pizza phone systems

    5 Reasons Your Pizza Phone System Needs to Be Hosted VoIP

    In the pizza business, your pizza phone system can be as important as your cheese blend, selection of toppings, or crust recipe. Before customers even get a taste of your pizza, they have to order it first, and a bad experience can taint even the tastiest pie. That’s why pizza places need communications technology that […]

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