Your business calls on your mobile device.

Take your business communications with you on your mobile device with our mobile VoIP software. With Jive Mobile, enjoy secure, HD quality, battery life optimized, and reliable service to call and text/SMS anywhere outside the office.

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Experience HD voice wherever, whenever.

Jive Mobile 3.0 uses the best technology in the industry to adapt to varying LTE and network conditions. Our app will scale between 8 and 50 kbps and adapt to maintain your call quality.

Never miss a call.

Reliably receive inbound calls—even if your mobile app is in the background or closed. Jive Mobile uses the latest iOS and Android technologies to provide native call handling & a seamless mobile experience.

Securely collaborate on the go.

Safely discuss important business decisions outside the office. With Jive Mobile, all of your calls and texts/SMS are encrypted.


Send and receive text/SMS messages on your business phone number.


Create location-based rules that automatically turns on/off Do Not Disturb and other call rules.

Jive Mobile Features List

With Jive Mobile, you can access your desk phone’s features
even when you’re not at your desk, including features like:

  • Extension dialing
  • Call hold/unhold
  • Blind and warm transfers
  • Conference calls
  • Split calls
  • Call history
  • Callback from history
  • Chat/SMS
  • Location-based call rules
  • Choose ringtone
  • Create new contacts
  • Intercom

Get the Jive Mobile App

Install the Jive Mobile softphone application
(included with the purchase of a Jive Voice seat).

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