Cloud phone system on your desktop

Jive Desktop turns your desktop computer or laptop into a unified communications interface. The Jive Desktop interface includes click-to-dial features, contact monitoring, and the ability to make and receive calls or send text messages from any major browser or Microsoft Exchange. Plus, the Microsoft Office integration imports your call lists right to your desktop—simply click on any number in Outlook to initiate a call from your phone. Download our desktop phone software to your Mac, PC, or Chromebook from the Chrome Web Store.

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Indulge in easy, instant communication

Reaching out to a co-worker or customer is easier than ever before with our VoIP calling software. Jive Desktop works as a softphone and allows you to call or message anyone in your contact list right from your computer. Create a Favorites list by highlighting the star next to each name so you can easily access your top contacts. When you need to get in touch, simply click directly on a name or phone number in your directory or web browser to immediately initiate a new call, text, or chat session.

Access and organize your corporate directory

Jive Desktop allows you to easily add new numbers, manage existing numbers, and search your corporate directory by name. Plus, the Favorites list lets you organize and access your top contacts, all from your computer.

Know a contact is free before placing a call

Don’t waste another second playing phone tag. Jive Desktop comes with presence monitoring, enabling you to see when a contact is available for a phone call based on their status color. Simply glance at your Favorites sidebar to see if they’re available (green) or unavailable (red).

Jive Voice Integrates with

JJive Desktop features integrate with leading CRM (customer relationship management) software like Salesforce, Redtail, Zoho, and more. When a call comes in, Jive Desktop searches and matches the caller to the CRM’s contacts, allowing a screen pop which brings up the caller’s name, account information, and any call logs.

All of the features you need to succeed

  • - Auto-Attendants
  • - Call Analytics
  • - Call Queues
  • - Call Recording
  • - Call Routing
  • - Cloud PBX
  • - Conference Bridge
  • - Custom Greetings
  • - Desktop Integration
  • - Dial Plan Editor
  • - Do Not Disturb
  • - E911
  • - Find Me/Follow Me
  • - Hot Desking
  • - Local Numbers
  • - Music on Hold
  • - Online PBX Controls
  • - Ring Groups
  • - Softphone
  • - Time-Based Routing
  • - Toll-free Numbers
  • - Unlimited Extensions
  • - Virtual Fax
  • - Voicemail to Email
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How Can I Make a Phone Call from My Computer?

Jive Desktop makes it easy to place a phone call from your computer, tablet, or smartphone using our desktop VoIP softphones. Simply click on the blue phone icon in the top right corner of your screen to access your list of contacts. Click-to-dial lets you call anyone from your list with one click, or search for the name or number in the search bar at the top and click the blue call button to place the call.

Once the call connects to your phone, a variety of options will appear in a box on the right side of your computer screen. You can mute, transfer, or place a call on hold, and there is also the option to add another caller to create a conference call.

To make a call using the Jive Desktop app, follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Log into using your Jive ID and password.

  • Step 2. On the main navigation page, a green banner will tell you which device is connected to the app.

  • Step 3. If you are connected to your smartphone or desk phone, the Jive Desktop app will initiate “click to call.”
  • Step 4. When you want to place a call, click on the name or number you’d like to contact.

  • Step 5. The app will send the call through your device, wait for you to pick up, and then complete the call.

  • Step 6. You will still receive incoming call notifications and can integrate third-party tools.

Jive’s VoIP Desktop App Frequently Asked Questions

What is a softphone?

A softphone is a software app composed of software (not hardware) that uses the internet instead of traditional phone lines, allowing you to use your computer, tablet, or smartphone as a handset. Softphones are typically included in a VoIP solution.

What are the system requirements for using the app?

Windows 10 or MacOS is required to run the app. You don’t need any specific hardware, but a good internet connection and up-to-date computer are best for large meetings using many webcams.

How does Jive integrate with Microsoft Office?

Jive’s integration with Microsoft Office lets you import your contact list from Outlook and make and receive calls with one click using any major browser or Microsoft Exchange.

Is there an additional cost for using Jive Desktop?

Jive’s Desktop app is free to download and use for all Jive users. Go to to login and access the app.

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