Jive Communications Announces Jive Business Continuity for K12 Industry

by Jive Communications     05/18/2017.

The Addition of JBC to Jive’s Existing Safety Suite Makes it the Only Pure-Cloud UC Provider to Offer Such Advanced Failover and Fail Safe Capabilities

Orem, UT– April 10, 2017 – Jive Communications today launched Jive Business Continuity (JBC), a server-based application designed to ensure that K12 school districts maintain connectivity even in the event of an outage or loss of internet. Jive is the only pure-cloud Unified Communications (UC) provider that offers an advanced failover and fail safe option for cloud communication users.

JBC delivers a unique array of services, including proactive system monitoring and alerts, dedicated project management during implementation, and priority support. During an internet outage, JBC automatically kicks the system into failover/fallback mode, and monitors it until the outage is over, so it can restore to its typical settings.

“After working with one customer, Polk County Schools, to install JBC at a few of their locations, we were amazed at its capabilities,” said Donald Ready, founder of Ready Communications, a Jive Communications partner. “Polk County Schools actually suffered an outage, but no one even noticed since Jive’s failover solution kept them up and running. It was so seamless that, when they did get back online, it was like nothing had even happened. This will be vital for other school districts, beyond the run-of- the-mill Internet blip, and especially in times of crisis or great need.”

The launch of JBC follows the recent release of Jive’s Safety Suite, a cost-effective solution that leverages a school district’s existing phone and paging systems to launch a coordinated emergency response. With the addition of JBC to Jives Safety Suite, school districts can still reach staff and emergency services during an internet disruption or a complete outage.

“By adding Jive Business Continuity to Safety Suite, school districts are provided with another layer of communications continuity so that even when their network is down, their communications continues running,” said Meredith Bunker, K12 Program Director at Jive Communications. “This functionality mitigates a lot of the risk for schools as they look at cloud communication systems. No matter what is going on with the network, the school can always dial the office and 911.”

Hosted VoIP and UC are becoming a more viable option for organizations like K12 school districts. Jive’s deployment of JBC delivers a unique peace of mind to faculty and families alike.

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