How Prepared Are Your Communications? Disaster Recovery with Jive Cloud


Make business continuity your priority.

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Your Phone System – Safe in the Cloud

Truly uninterrupted communications – even in the aftermath of a disaster – can only be delivered from the Cloud. Jive’s cloud-based platform, Jive Cloud, can be accessed anywhere and is engineered for redundancy, achieving industry-leading uptime and reliability. Learn about the advance measures you can take with Jive Cloud to make sure a disaster doesn’t catch you flat-footed.

Before Disaster Can Strike: Steps You Can Take Now

Create an Emergency Number

Have a conference bridge dedicated to executives or emergency response teams so they can discuss the emergency.

Set Up All Failover Options

Make sure every employee has configured his or her emergency contact features so calls are automatically redirected.

Download a Softphone

Still make and receive calls over a data connection even when analog voice service is unavailable.