Yealink DECT Dongle DD10K

$40.17 |
The Yealink DECT dongle DD10K not only enables T41S/T42S to work concurrently with Yealink DECT system as a handset after pairing with Yealink W60B DECT IP base station, but also enables T53/T53W/T54W/T57W/T58A/VP59 to work as a base station, which can be registered with up to 4 compatible Yealink W52H/W56H/W53H handsets.

- Supports Yealink SIP- T41S/T42S with FW or, Yealink T5 series.
- Reliable Connection
- Ease-of-use
- Plug and Play
- High Transmission Rate
Manufacturer: Yealink
Model: 10K

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