5X for new 36 month contracts and
2x on new 24 month contracts


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* Valid to US Authorized Partners and participating Master Agencies and their Agents. New US customers only (add-on orders do not qualify). Deals must be registered using Jive’s partner engagement portal, Partnerplus, (by the partner directly or with the Jive Quote Desk) and where applicable, completely processed through Jive’s paperless ordering processes (WTJ), by 12/31/2018 and actively billing by 4/30/2019. Offering 1) pricing below standard partner pricing, except in cases of bulk pricing, 2) ineligible free or subsidized hardware without preauthorization from the Jive Deal Desk, or 3) more than two free months of service may result in SPIFF reduction or elimination. The SPIFF is paid in full on the commission report following the customer’s first full paid service invoice. If a customer terminates their contract early for any reason they will be required to pay 100% of Early Termination Fees (ETF). Any accounts in which SPIFF has been paid and cancels prior to 12 fully paid monthly invoices, could result in a reduction amount equal to the SPIFF paid amount from the partner’s future commissions.