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Network Connectivity Report

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Data Center Connection
Testing the closest data center to ensure
the quickest connection and best
possible call quality.
New York
Los Angeles

Packet Loss

Occurs when packets fail to reach their destination. A high rate of packet loss will affect call quality. We recommend a ratio less than 1 percent.


To ensure the best user experience, the end-to-end latency of a VOIP system should be no more than 150 ms (including voice encoding, transport and decoding). This test measures the network latency (transport), which should be less than 100 ms.


Voice packets travelling on a network from point A to point B don't always take the same time travel (and sometimes even arrive out of order). The jitter is a measure of the variance of packet latency. A jitter lower than 30 ms is recommended.


This represents the amount of data your network can transmit/receive in a given amount of time. We measure downstream and upstream bandwidth (incoming and outgoing data) separately than simultaneously.

More bandwidth means more concurrent calls.

Bandwidth usage per concurrent call for different codecs

1 call 0.008 Mbps0.064 Mbps
5 calls0.040 Mbps0.320 Mbps
10 calls0.080 Mbps0.640 Mbps
50 calls0.400 Mbps3.200 Mbps
100 calls0.800 Mbps6.400 Mbps

NOTE: Both simultaneous upstream and downstream bandwidth measures need to be greather then the targeted usage scenario.


Stands for Application Layer Gateway, and is common in many commercial routers. This should be disabled to prevent the router from modifying SIP packets.

SIP Ports

Test whether UDP ports required for SIP are blocked.

DNS SRV Lookup

Jive's SIP servers are discovered using SRV lookups. Your DNS server needs to process these appropriately.

NAT Settings

NAT binding timeout is the length of time that the router still keeps an inactive UDP NAT session. We strongly recommend a delay greater than 30 sec.

Local Network Information

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Client MAC Address:
Default Gateway IP Address:
Default Gateway MAC Address: