Line Failover

Line Failover allows you to designate an alternate call path in case a ring step fails. The failover extension provides four routing options: You can send the call to an extension (including an alternative dial plan, hunt group, etc.), an external number, a voicemail box, or simply have the line disconnect.

Common Use Case

You’re waiting for an important call but need to leave the office—just have your calls failover to a cell phone, secretary, or remote office and your contacts will still be able to get in touch with you. In the event of an internet service disruption, failover options insure you can carry on business as usual until your internet is back up. Calls going to your extension will simply forward automatically to the option you have selected, such as your cell phone.


What destinations are included as an “extension”?
Destinations included as an “extension” include voicemail, call queues, ring groups, dial plans, and individual users, among others.

Can phones ring simultaneously?
Yes. Users can select to have any number of phones ring simultaneously (this is configured online through the Find Me/Follow Me settings). For instance, a manager may choose to have his or her office phone ring as well as a secretary’s. This option is available on an “always” or “failover” basis.