Jive View™

See the full picture of your networks. In real time.

Get Instant Network Insight

Jive View delivers a comprehensive picture of your network— in real time, from anywhere, on any device.

Collect all the LAN info you’ll need before deploying Hosted Voice. Jive View will flag any key info you need, including:

  • SIP ALG: Is this router setting, which can cause issues, currently enabled?
  • SIP ports: Are the ports required for communication currently open on your network?
  • NAT settings: Are there are potential problems with network address traversal?
  • Key voice quality metrics: Jive View provides multiple data points for ensuring voice quality.

Save Money and Stay Happy.

Spend less time dealing with problems, so you can focus more on your business and enhancing your bottom line. With Jive View, you can proactively identify concerns before they become problems, and then confirm they’ve been dealt with.

Tackle the Real Issues.

When problems do arise, Jive View helps you pinpoint exactly what they are, address them, and demonstrate that you’re in the clear —all before the problem even hits the boss’ radar.

Deliver peace of mind and keep your company running smoothly.

Try it out.

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