Network Requirements

Jive phones require a business-class network to function properly. Use these setup requirements as a guide to make sure your network is ready for Jive. Thank you for choosing a Jive business phone system for your enterprise. This document lists the network and Internet requirements necessary for running a Jive system, and will help you prepare your network to begin using your Jive phones right away.

Jive network requirements

Network Hardware

Recommended Hardware

Jive phones are network devices which require a business-class router with a broadband Internet connection. Each phone must be issued an IP address from the router (not modem) via DHCP.

Jive recommends an Ethernet Switch capable of QoS (Quality of Service) be placed between your Jive phones and your router. A QoS switch helps ensure high-quality audio during calls.

Many routers include a firewall which protects your network from malicious Internet traffic. Your firewall should allow your Jive phones to access HTTP, HTTPS, and UDP traffic on your network. Please contact your network IT professional for help in configuring your firewall.

The number of routers/firewalls that will work with Jive Cloud service are too expansive to list. However, there are some practical recommendations that Jive can make based on personal experience and testing.

It should be noted that our recommendations can be purchased directly from Jive for that very reason – we know they work well with our service.

Internet Connection

Internet Service Provider

All Jive phones require a valid broadband Internet connection to make and receive calls. Jive does not provide an Internet connection. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for information regarding your Internet connection.

Each call on a Jive phone requires approximately 100kbps of Internet bandwidth (both upload and download).

For example, If you have a typical T1 connection (1.5 Mbs, or 1500kpbs), you can make up to 15 concurrent calls at any given time. However, in many cases both your computers and Jive phones share bandwidth, effectively reducing the amount of concurrent calls possible on your network.

Please contact your Internet Service Provider to ensure your bandwidth meets the minimum requirements for your needs.