Jive for Auto Dealers.
More than just a phone system.


Jive fully integrates your phones, call tracking, and texting with your dealership’s CRM software to give your employees more efficient customer communication and managers more access to insightful call reports.

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Answer business calls and texts, pull analytics, and gather customer data from your cell phone.


Body Shop

Deliver announcements to the right people from your desk phone. Integrate with existing paging systems.



Never miss a lead, instantly track missed calls, view reports, and display real-time metrics.



Order custom phone numbers for sales campaigns. Use call reports to track campaign performance.



Use texting to send service updates and pickup notifications from the dealership’s number.



Screen calls, check staff availability, and easily route calls to the appropriate department.

Additional Features

  • Hot desking
  • Overhead paging
  • Multicast paging
  • Ring groups
  • Text/SMS
  • Call parking
  • Shared line appearance
  • Analytics & real-time metrics
  • Call queue
  • Ordering of DID numbers
  • Find me / Follow me
Larry H. Miller

“At Larry H. Miller, we believe every customer service interaction matters. That’s why we implemented Jive. Jive’s integration of customer sales and service records helps our agents provide a more personalized customer experience. And the resiliency of Jive’s cloud-based system, as well as its centralized digital fax, SMS features, and contact center capabilities are the icing on the cake.”

— Yan Purba, CTO, Larry H. Miller

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