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Jive’s hosted products and applications are powered by the Jive Cloud, a true cloud-based platform built on open industry standards. The Jive Cloud architecture has been purpose-built to deliver the most scalable, secure, extensible and reliable hosted communications services available.

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Engineered for redundancy, Jive Cloud provides
high availability and industry-leading uptime.

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Jive has a distributed cloud architecture. Unlike the vast majority of UCaaS providers (both public and private) who run a single primary datacenter with a secondary backup, Jive’s cloud architecture is distributed. Jive’s system runs across multiple US and International datacenters which allows for better redundancy, availability, and scale. In addition, registration, call processing, routing, presence, storage, and other services are on thenetwork edge, providing lower latency and better QoS for our customers.


Jive has over 99.995% platform uptime. Jive actively tracks thousands of platform metrics, and is the only major cloud telecommunications company to openly publish real-time and historical platform status reports.

Intelligent Routing

Jive employs intelligent routing. Jive Cloud has been proven at scale, providing real-time communications to hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously. Jive’s network has over 5,000 dedicated nodes in the wild that constantly monitor Internet traffic, report usage statistics, and identify macro-level transit issues. Jive’s network then automatically adjusts to provide the cleanest routes with the lowest latency, jitter and packet-loss to the customer premises. Jive also cross connects with most major ISPs covering over 90% of the population in North America.


Real-time platform scales effortlessly to
accommodate customer growth.

Multi-tenant Platform

Jive Cloud is a multi-tenant platform. Jive was born in the Cloud, with no legacy or on-premises distractions. Unlike many UCaaS
competitors, Jive has not taken an existing, single-tenant application and simply virtualized it on a server in a datacenter. Jive Cloud is completely multi-tenant, with the exact same system running a 14,000 user enterprise municipal installation as a 10 user commercial SMB client.


Open API architecture integrates with major SaaS vendor applications directly, and allows
customers and partners to integrate Jive Cloud with their line-of-business applications.

Innovative Communications

Jive innovates new technologies that change cloud communications. From Jive’s visual Dial Plan Editor to the democratization of the call center with Jive Contact Center, Jive has consistently introduced innovative communication solutions to the market. New products like Jive Business Continuity extend cloud functionality by providing local survivability, media release, and emergency dialing services even in the event of a catastrophic WAN outage.


Each service is protected with multiple layers of authentication, security measures and
virtual firewalls, delivering logical, granular internal protection. Calls are encrypted
whether on the IP handset, mobile app, or browser app.

State of the Art Encryption

Jive is the largest privately-held UCaaS provider in the U.S.
According to several independent analyst sources, Jive has the
largest UCaaS installed based of any non-public company in
North America.

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