Jive integration with Salesforce

Serve your customers better while working more efficiently with the Salesforce integration for your Jive business phone system. With click-to-call improve your agents productivity by eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps. With an easy to use interface effortlessly integrate your Jive voice interactions into your Salesforce workflow.

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Personalize your customer's experience with screen pop and missed call filter

Find and easily call back missed calls. No more worrying about taking breaks, missed calls are tracked and can be called back with one mouse click.

Know who is calling and know any problems or opportunities that are in the pipeline before answering the phone.

Better and more accurate sales analytics with automatic call logging and daily call tracking

Don’t worry about manually logging a call, they are logged automatically for you. And we also track all your daily calls, now you know exactly how many calls you were on and the total talk time. These lists enable you to call back any person or pop to their account with one click.

Jive + Salesforce integration key features

  • - Click to call
  • - Screen pop
  • - Note taking
  • - Callers open opportunities and cases
  • - Track calls per day
  • - Filter on missed calls
  • - Call backs with one click
  • - Track total phone time
  • - Create contact, account, or lead from phone call

Improved efficiency with C2C and note taking

Fumbling with dialing numbers is a thing of the past, save time by calling any customer with one mouse click, and while on any call be able to take notes about that call without leaving your current screen. As an added benefit you can create a new contact, lead, or account with one button.

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