CRM Creation Process


The intent of these APIs is to allow developers to integrate Jive into other business applications to streamline CRM and call workflows. Typically the Calls and Real Time endpoints are where the magic happens, whereas authentication and user information are just necessary to make Call and Real Time events function. The Calls API allows one to initiate Jive calls directly from external applications. Real Time endpoint allows one to receive call events to:   1) automatically search for customers by phone number   2) log the call events as a customer interaction.  



All endpoints require an authentication token be provided with every request. The token must have the valid scope. If the token provided was not generated by the Jive OAuth Service or is expired the client using these APIs will receive a 403 Unauthorized response with the message "Token is Invalid or Expired". Jive's OAuth service follows the implicit grant flow. See RFC 6749 Section 4.2 for details on the specifications for Jive's auth flow.  

Getting Started

  1. Apply for acceptance into the Jive API program.  After acceptance you will asked to provide the following information to generate an authorization token:
    1. Provide your company name
    2. Provide a description of what the application is going to do
    3. Provide the static URL that we are going to redirect authentication requests back to. This URL must be identical for all requests - wildcard or dynamic values are not permitted.
    4. Provide the name you want displayed to your customers for your application.
  2. Jive will provide you with an authorization token, usually within two weeks.

Obtaining a token

Once you have a Jive OAuth client ID and credentials, you can now start developing. Below we'll explain how your application will get a token. First is to authenticate your client.  Do so by using the Authentication API. Authentication API details.

User Information

This endpoint is used to retrieve information about lines for a given user. The user that created the OAuth token can only retrieve this user information for themselves. Users API details.


Posting to the calls endpoint you must indicate the Jive line that will make the call and the phone number or extension you are dialing to. When the POST has been made we first ring the Jive phone indicated. After the Jive handset has been picked up, it will automatically dial to the destination phone number or extension. Calls API details.

Real Time

Subscribe to a line's call events and in realtime get updated as the calls progress (call ringing, cancel, answer, hangup). Commonly these events are used to log call events back to a customer record, or automatically search contacts by phone number to pop the relevant contact up. Real Time API details.

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