Inbound Call Filters

Inbound call filters allow calls to be routed based on the incoming caller ID. Using the different options available, harassing callers can be automatically disconnected, VIPs can be given custom treatment, and personalized messages can be delivered.

Common Use Case

Say that you have a particularly aggressive spam caller that you want nothing to do with. You can either choose for your phone to terminate the call as soon as it hits the system, or you can choose for it to play a brief “You have been blacklisted” message, then terminating the call. Alternatively, VIP clients can be directed straight to your office without going through the auto-attendant or your secretary first. Unlimited call filtering settings allow you customize these options for as many specific numbers as desired.


Can I filter calls to go directly to my voicemail?
Yes. Calls can be filtered to go directly to your voicemail on an always/busy/failover basis, or based on caller ID.

Can I create a VIP Dial Plan for important clients?
Yes. VIP dial plans can be created and used automatically based on the VIP’s caller ID. That caller gets their own custom experience when they call your number.

Who has access to change the call filter?
Only administrators have access to change the call filter by default, although permission may be given to any user or groups of users.