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15 Steps to Score That “Yes”: How to Pitch a Business Idea to Your Boss

Wondering how to pitch a business idea to your boss? Give your proposal a fighting chance with these 15 suggestions.

15 Steps to Score That Yes

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Give your business ideas a fighting chance.

It’s bound to happen: at some point in your career, you’ll hit on this terrific idea. The challenge is how to present that idea in a way that convinces your boss to say, “Yes!” and then go on to champion the idea to his or her boss. Download the ebook to learn how to make your best business ideas really shine.

Your business ideas won't go unnoticed if you:

Know Your Audience

Before going in, know what presentation will speak to your boss. What hot-button issues is your boss looking to fix?

Anticipate Objections

Your boss won’t pull any punches. You’ve got to get there first by playing devil’s advocate.

Pick the Right Time

Timing is everything. Make sure you’re aware of circumstances before pitching the idea to your boss.