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Hosted VoIP Buyer’s Guide – Nonprofits

How to select, test, and purchase a modern phone system for your nonprofit.

hosted voip buyer's guide

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Your nonprofit needs a phone system.

Your volunteers, donors, and community all expect you to have a phone system. But what kind of phone system best compliments your work, including your outreach, availability, and professionalismThe key is not to invest your time, budget, and energy into a system you’ll only have to trade in later. Start out with a modern phone system so you can focus on your cause, not your software.

A few of the steps to take when buying a modern phone system:

Know your current situation

Consider your existing infrastructure. Ask yourself how it’s serving your needs and helping you meet your goals.

Learn about Hosted VoIP

There are all sorts of phone system models out there. Learn about them and why so many organizations select Hosted VoIP.

Assess available systems

See which system has what it takes. Research providers by throwing a wide net and keeping an open mind.