Web-Based User Portal

With Jive, all system and phone settings are visible and can be changed via the online portal at onjive.com. The end user portal is an online tool that allows all end users (even those without admin permissions) to modify their Find Me/Follow Me, voicemail, and fax-to-email settings in real time.

Common Use Case

If a user wanted to change their Find Me/Follow Me settings, voicemail settings, or fax settings, they would follow these simple steps: log into the online portal, click the appropriate settings tab (Find Me/Follow Me, voicemail, or fax), and make the desired changes. The same process is applied for changing the email address their voicemails go to, changing fax settings, etc. Say you wanted to change your voicemail message, or switch your voicemail messages to send to your email as a sound file: Simply login to your end user portal at onjive.com and make the selections.